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2nd Squad Living History
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This is the home page for the 2nd Squad Authentic Living History Group. 


Everyone is invited to attend the 2006 Veterans Day Commemoration  Event Click for Details


The 2nd squad living history group strives to commemorate the soldiers of the Second World War.

They are our heroes.

We feel that it is our responsibility to make sure that their deeds and the sacrifices that they made will never be forgotten. By employing first hand accounts from the veterans themselves as well as extensive research into the life of the "average G.I.,"  we can give a more accurate impression. We portray a "line outfit" meaning that as living historians we prefer to do a campaign impression rather than concentrating on garrison life.

We Are Recruiting!!!

We are currently looking for like minded individuals who are interested in living history with us. 2nd squad is located in the Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania areas.



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