This is the home page for the 2nd Squad Authentic Living History Group.

As a group of authentic minded living historians portraying American soldiers during the second world war, we pride ourselves on authenticity and a progressive approach to a hobby that some call reenacting.  We are a "generic unit" meaning that we do several different impressions including "regular G.I." (our main impression), Airborne, Rangers, Marines etc. At living history events we live, eat, sleep, and look like combat soldiers of World War II. We do this through extensive research and talking to the veterans themselves. We prefer the "Willie and Joe" appearance as opposed to a garrison style of impression.
 We conduct our group democratically by portraying ourselves as privates, thus there really is no room for conflict.  Our goal is to pay tribute to those who fought and died to give us what we have today. We portray an "in the dirt" veteran rifle squad.

We Are Recruiting!!!

We are currently looking for like minded individuals who are interested in living history with us. 2nd squad is located in the Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania areas.

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  current enlisted infantry men

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